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In our eyes, New York is much more than a clichéd city from the screens. It is a constant transformation where the old becomes the new - like a perpetual motion machine. Hudson Yards changed the world's view of the entire city; The "frog" of the High Line train tracks turned into the "prince" of the park - there are many examples, and the conversion of Žirmūnai promises exactly that. In it, we saw a unique link between the cities of Vilnius and New York, which we wanted to embody - that's how Kaip Niujorke by CITUS was born.




“Like in New York by CITUS” is a project that contributes to the regeneration of the former industrial zone in the northern part of Žirmūnai, opening it up to the citizens and creating new residential and business spaces. The architecture of the large-format building is managed by means of architectural expression, with the appropriate choice of compositional elements to divide the materials and volumes. A spacious private courtyard with multi-functional areas is designed for future residents, in line with today's standards of environmental design quality. Spacious new street accesses are planned for urban life, and adjacent ground-floor spaces are designed to accommodate businesses in the neighbourhood: various services, and small-scale trade. Decisions made in a harmonious dialogue between developers and designers materialise in a sustainable and comfortable living environment.



Designer/artist Darius Janonis

The main task of the drawing is to represent New York. For this, I have used the most well-known landmarks such as: famous street names (Wall Street, Broadway), street signs, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State skyscraper, the Chrysler Building and the Manhattan Bridge seen from New York. These sites are well-known to all and give a very good idea of what kind of a city this is – a free city, full of bustle, action, people of different nationalities and mindsets. This is what led to the colours chosen for the drawing (purple, orange, yellow and green), which are contrasting, like the people of New York, but they also create a unique and beautiful harmony together.


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A multifunctional A++ energy class project with housing, commercial, retail and leisure spaces is planned for the very intensively changing Verkiai and Žirmūnai micro-districts, next to the urban Unideco finishing centre.

2023–2028 y.

Year of construction






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